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I specialize in individual psychotherapy for:
Stressed Woman


Anxiety and stress have become commonplace in our lives, and for some, they can be debilitating. However, it's crucial to know that anxiety is treatable and doesn't have to prevent you from living the life you want. I specialize in treating chronic worry, panic disorder, social anxiety, and health anxiety using proven CBT and mindfulness-based techniques to help you find relief from your symptoms more quickly. We will work together to recognize the thoughts that are contributing to your anxiety, develop tools to manage these thoughts more effectively, and strive to create new, more helpful thoughts and behaviors.

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Living with depression can make you feel alone and helpless, making it hard to ask for help and believe that things can get better. While medication can be helpful, there are also evidence-based psychotherapy techniques that are highly effective in treating depression, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based practices. 


CBT is a goal-oriented treatment that focuses on the present rather than the past. Through our sessions and your homework outside of sessions, you will understand the cycle of negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that contribute to depression. You will also develop more self-compassion and learn how to think and cope in a more helpful and balanced way. I encourage you to take the first step today toward a better life.

Mother Holding Baby


If you're struggling with a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder, or if you just need some support as you adjust to this major life transition, I'm here to help. Together, we can work on identifying any negative thinking patterns or behaviors that could be contributing to your anxiety, depression, or irritability, find ways to incorporate self-care into your routine, improve your coping strategies, build a healthy support network, process any grief or trauma you may have experienced during pregnancy or birth, and help you find balance in your role as a parent. I understand that it can be difficult for new moms to find time for therapy, so please know that you're welcome to bring your newborn or infant to our sessions, and we can also do phone or video sessions if that's more convenient for you.

Holding Hands


As social beings, humans greatly rely on their relationships with others, such as family members, friends, or romantic partners, as they significantly impact our well-being and quality of life. When a problem arises in one of our primary relationships, or if there is a lack of satisfactory relationships in our life, it can contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety. I approach relational issues from an attachment theory perspective and hold a certificate in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).


Together, we can work on the following:

- Understanding your attachment style and how it affects your relationships

- Identifying negative internal and interpersonal interaction cycles that cause you distress 

- Working towards correcting negative patterns and developing new ways of relating and connecting with others.

Image by Bruno Nascimento

Parenting can be challenging, and I understand that. My goal is to support you in having a positive parenting experience by helping you maintain a strong connection with your child and providing you with strategies to encourage cooperation. Achieving this often requires regulating your emotions during stressful moments, taking care of yourself, and healing from past experiences. 


I base my approach on the latest scientific research on child development, the parent-child relationship, and interpersonal neurobiology. I am a certified Parent Educator in the Peaceful Parenting approach by Dr. Laura Markham. I approach all topics with non-judgment, compassion, and respectful collaboration, and I recognize that you know your child best.

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